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Bag for women - the constant everyday accessory without which no cost, no way out of the house. So for each image and the case should select a different handbag and online store LeoModa ready to help you.  All models women's handbags made of natural materials such as leather, suede, patent leather, nubuck affordable because we choose Ukrainian manufacturer .  

Women's bag, accessory or need

We offer a huge range of bags at reasonable prices. So that bags are in LeoModa:

  • Bag-hobo. This comfortable, spacious bag in the shape of a crescent and a lock fastens the classic models. It is quite practical option, but not for office work for rectangular folders will be difficult to put into it. It is best suited to the style kezhual.
  • Bag-shoper, in other words - a big bag. This bag is also very strong and vmistka and perfect for everyday use. It can be as worn on the shoulder or just hold hands while walking. Ideal for shopping, as evidenced by the very name. In our store, they are different color versions, made of genuine leather at an affordable price.  
  • Bag-clutch - a small elegant handbag, envelope, which can hold only the most necessary for a woman. Today clutch is no longer the only accompaniment evening dress for social events. Ladies wear it safely along with skirts, jeans and pants every day, regardless of the season. For decoration clutches used in LeoModi beads, rhinestones, ribbons of leather and fabric, various metal elements.  
  • Bag bag or bag-bag, as they call it. This type of bags has arisen recently and, unlike a miniature clutches, a bag on a long strap and resembles the shape of the bag.  The material for this type of bags can be leather, fabric, suede and so on, but in any case it is soft to the touch and does not hold its own shape. The peculiarity of it is the fact that it is fastened using tightening strap instead clasps or buttons, so creative and stylish looks.  
  • Frame bag. These bags were unjustly forgotten, but now they confidently turn his popularity, particularly in LeoModi. The base bag rests on the rigid frame, giving it a concrete form. Frame bag perfectly suited both for office style and for daily walks. Frame model bags can be not only kezhual, but in vintage or retro style.  
  • Soft bags. In our online store you can buy models that look like bags or bags with persistent solid bottom. Most of them are conical or other geometric shape. Such bag fine will put accents, and will complement your look.  

Backpack - practicality and creativity

Not only bags, but bags are an important part of everyday image of every woman. They are more practical than bags, but no less aesthetic appearance. In the online store you can buy LeoModa bags in different colors and design.  

  • Soft bags - the most common type of female backpacks, which has no basis and framework will be ideal in daily walks. In our shop it is widely represented in bright colors.  
  • Urban backpacks. Contrary to what we wear every day different bags, the city is considered to be those that can accommodate a laptop or tablet notebook. May also have a different design, color, material and internal distribution outlets.

What kind of bag you would choose, Leomoda always satisfy the most demanding customers price and quality bags.


LeoModa wallet

Must-have for every woman is purse - something, that is impossible imagine woman without it. We offer leather purses of various colors from the palette to the iridescent colors of crimson and Mouton. Quality stylish purse, purchased in the store LeoModa, will last you for years. And all this for a long time, it will securely store your content and cheer eye appealing design.  

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