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No female image could not be considered complete unless you pick up a pair of shoes and not any but one that will emphasize your individuality. LeoModa Online Store has a range of leather women's shoes for every taste. All models Made only from natural materials Ukrainian manufacturer, so the price we offer the most affordable.

How to determine the quality of shoe pairs?

We offer customers variety of materials for shoes, so everyone can to experiment and diversify your wardrobe.

  • Leather. This is the material most valued customers, because it protects the foot from water in rainy weather and maintains an attractive appearance for a long time. To verify that the shoes in our store with quality material, try to click on the model - good skin covered with "wrinkles" and substitute instead remain without dents. In addition, if it is a fake, the fingers will be of paint or varnish, and leather such leaves. To determine the comfort couple walking, try to fold it in half if well bent, in such models is easy and convenient to go.
  • Suede. By suede shoes demands no less than to cool. Usually, it is more elegant and more expensive because it must look carefully. For starters, the choice must also hold mini-tested for quality. Note model or painted evenly and without streaks or lint on it there that stand out against the background of smooth surface. And the last argument for customers has become distinctive suede scent that will distinguish a fake from genuine suede. Buying suede shoes should choose one that fits tightly up, because eventually the couple may diverge.
  • nubuck. Nubuck leather different from what he has milkovorsystu surface, so it is necessary to ensure that nowhere "extra" lint color and monochrome. They are more difficult to clean, as usual creams will not do. In winter may appear white trails that are easy to erase the usual sponge. The advantage is sufficient bandwidth air, so the foot will not sweat at active walking.

With LeoModa in all seasons

In the online store LeoModa you can buy footwear leather footwear for any period: summer, winter, spring or autumn demi. In summer footwear range includes many models of sandals, ballet shoes, moccasins, sneakers, shoes, lightweight boots. This model of vibrant colors and rich colors, from yellow to emerald. In LeoModi summer shoes for women, usually decorated with stones, chains, straps and interesting weaves and patterns.

We also offer to buy women's shoes for the season autumn-spring. This variety of shoes, boots, sliponiv, boots, ankle boots and others. High-quality leather and suede allow you to protect feet from moisture in rainy weather and always feel comfortable.

Winter and demi models specially insulated fur, sheepskin fable that will keep feet constantly warm in winter. Women's shoes can be bought throughout the size range from 35 to 41, no matter the model. In the cold season we offer our customers shoes, boots, boots and many other interesting facts.

Why is better to buy women's shoes online store?

Online Store LeoModa - a selection modern and practical women. In fact on our website you can browse through sections of all kinds of shoes, selecting the desired season or type. The advantage is that you make a purchase of women's shoes in all regions of Ukraine and choose the desired type of delivery, without spending time on the trip to the store. The advantage is the fact that you can also save by purchasing shoes in sales on our website with good discounts.

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