Warranty and Return & nbsp;

warranty service products < / font>

service life - calendar term use of the product for the purpose for which the manufacturer guarantees its security and is responsible for significant drawbacks arising from his fault.

service life for footwear and leather products is the warranty period.

Our company is confident in the quality of its products and therefore offers twice increased the warranty period on all products - 60 days (warranty products according to the Law of Ukraine "on protection of consumer rights" at least 30 days from the date of sale in retail or from the beginning of the season).

according to with CMU on 19.03.94 number 172 lifetime warranty shoes is calculated from the date of sale through the retail network or from the beginning of the season, in the case of purchase in the off-season time:

    < li> winter season from 15 November to 15 March;
  • summer season from 15 May to 15 September;
  • spring season from 15 March to 15 May;
  • autumn season from September 15 Nov. 15. & nbsp;

exchange and return of goods which was not in use

you can always return or exchange our products, if in one way or another because it is you did not come. & nbsp , According to the Law of Ukraine "on protection of consumers' rights, within 14 days from the date of purchase, you can return goods ordered and get back their cost. Similarly, possible exchange for a different size or a different model (Art. 9 Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights") According to the Law of Ukraine "On protection of consumers' goods subject to exchange or return the money if no visible signs of wearing it, in their original packaging.

& nbsp; Return of shoes that were in service during the warranty period:

  • you must provide a document confirming the sale (sales receipt);
  • footwear should be packed in branded boxes are not allowed the application of its own marks on shoes or box;
  • shoes must be clean;
  • footwear, which was under repair, the return is not accepted;
  • claims by defects that have emerged as a result of non-compliance for the care and maintenance of footwear, are not accepted. & nbsp;

Warranty shoes is not granted in the following cases: & nbsp;

  • at Failure conditions and storage;
  • variables of the details (insoles, shoelaces, printed cloth, decorative accessories, etc.).

* Change the color of leather by ingestion of water is not considered a defect production.
* when returning goods the customer's instigation delivery and return money at the expense of the customer!
* Return defective product is made at our expense.

The order of operation footwear: & nbsp;

After each wearing bring shoes in order:

  • clean it from dust and dirt when pollution fats, use 1 -2% soap solution by coating the shoes sponge. This will extend its service;
  • dry wet shoes at room temperature without heating and heaters, heat sources, avoid direct sunlight and using internal inserts -karkasy to preserve the shape of shoes;
  • vzuvayte shoes only rozshnurovanym (undo), use shoe horns - it helps prevent rear seam gap and keep the shape of shoes;
  • remove shoes are not rozshnurovanym and stepping on the heel - it will prevent tearing soles;
  • do not wear shoes with soles of leather and uppers of fabrics in rainy weather. Drench such shoes is not the reason for the appeal of the claim;
  • do not wear shoes with high or thin heels on gravel, gravel, pavement, as this may lead to footwear damage or injury.
  • Fashion footwear designed to be worn in conditions even, firm surface. Wearing shoes in this snowy weather can lead to subsidence on the surface of salt and other chemicals Use


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